Spencer & Hill are god-tier in my book when it comes to electro and house. The German duo have produced countless timeless tracks over the years while still managing somehow to stay largely out of the public eye, at least here in the US. Their productions span the ranges from straight up bangers to more melodic, groove based house. Their latest release, Pump It Up, falls more towards the former end of the spectrum. The club mix of Pump It Up has a blaring lead synth that screams party and is paired a crunchy electro bassline to give it that added extra umph. If this is your first exposure to Spencer & Hill, I urge you to check out more of their catalouge. Try Housebeat, Right on Time, and Sunbeam for starters.

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Spencer & Hill – Pump It Up (Club Mix):

[audio https://www.youredm.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Spencer-Hill-Pump-It-Up-Club-Mix.mp3]