Pens and pencils down everyone. The struggle is over, and Friday is here. Got a sick track from the one and only Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo this week. Many of you probably remember the song Awesome featuring The Cool Kids, but I know it flew under the radar for a lot of people. This song’s exactly what the title entails: awesome. That raw, classic Bloody Beetroots sound over some hip hop verses make for a dope track for any electronic/hip hop lover’s library. I also want to take this time to tell our readers to see Blood Beetroots live any chance you get. Whether is just be Sir Bob, the DJ set, or Death Crew 77, it’s a wild performance and one that won’t be forgotten. Enjoy the track, and your weekend.

Sometimes when I play tracks I hear some newer people say “I don’t know how to dance to this.” While the real answer is dance however the hell you feel like it, this kid definitely does it right.