Although it’s just been one month, I am loving the direction things are headed this year with the releases I’ve heard. Los Angeles based duo Oliver have really done something special with their latest EP on Fool’s Gold Records, Mechanical. The Mechanical EP doesn’t sound like a lot of other stuff out there, and its focus on the groove rather than builds and drops is much welcomed. MYB and Control are definitely the most danceable and club-friendly tracks. The nu disco sound is executed to perfection and they can easily serve as alternatives to your typical bangers. The title track, Mechanical, is more experimental and draws heavily on industrial influence to fit the EP’s title. Night Is On My Mind slows the tempo to 100 bpm and draws heavily on the French house style, similar to Justice or SebastiAn, evoking dark tones and thoughts of night time. Overall, this EP is excellent and definitely worth a buy if you’re looking for something new.

Mechanical – EP – Oliver on iTunes

-DD @fingerscrossedd