If you use the music identifier app Shazam and you listen to electronic music, then you’ve definitely been in the following situation: Listening to a song you’re hearing for the first time and said to yourself “I NEED to know this song!” You Shazam the song and are patiently watching the app listen to the song, only to have your dreams crushed when you read the following message: “We couldn’t find a match.”

Good news for you though! According to the New York TimesShazam and Beatport have formed a partnership! This will give Shazam full access to Beatport‘s extensive library, adding over 1.5 million songs to their overall catalog. This is a huge break for EDM lovers across the globe. Dance music in general was one of the most popular styles of music receiving 31 of the top 100 most tagged tracks of 2012. On top of being able to actually find out the name and artist of your new favorite song, you will be able to directly access Beatport from Shazam to purchase the track immediately. This is great news for artists since they will be easily be able to reach a wide number of fans, and those fans have the option to purchase their tracks immediately.

This is a huge win for artists, fans, and the companies. Hopefully this is a sign for future partnerships with other related companies.