The Bloody Beetroots’ influence has long been felt throughout the dance music scene and now they have used that influence as well as the support of their legions to launch the Church of Noise social media platform. Backed by Sir Bob Cornelus Rifo, the Beetroots have worked closely with agency Backplane to launch a groundbreaking social media platform. The platform can be described as a “cultural-musical movement” where fans of the Beetroots, as well as EDM fans in general and artists, will be able to share their work and findings with others as wells team up for collaborative efforts within the community.

The goal of the Church is to “cultivate freedom of speech, provide a platform to be shared within a congregation” and “ultimately get you one step closer to Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo.” It will integrate YouTube, Soundcloud, and user uploaded photos and create an online safe-zone, giving users the ability to upload, comment, and share. Regular users will begin as “Rebels,” while more veteran users will be graduated to Advocates and eventually Champions.

Enter the Church

Catch the Bloody Beetroots live on the following dates:

02.28.13 Berlin, Germany
03.01.13 Wiesbaden, Germany
03.02.13 Zurich, Switzerland
03.04.13 Milan, Italy
03.06.13 Amsterdam, Holland
03.08.13 Dublin, UK
03.09.13 London, UK
03.12.13 Bielefeld, Germany
03.13.13 Brussels, Belgium
03.14.13 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
03.15.13 Strasbourg, France
03.16.13 Paris, France
03.22.13 WMC, Miami, USA

-DD @fingerscrossedd