Forget anarchy in the UK, legend Fat Boy Slim is slated to bring his beats directly to the establishment on March 6th for the climax of the ‘House The House’ DJ Competition. Fat Boy Slim, aka Norman Cook, along with the winner of the contest, will become the first DJ’s in history to spin Parliament next month at the British House of Commons.  House the House, is a benefit contest put on by the ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation’ (LNADJ), a UK registered charitable foundation.


Cook, not only excited about the venue had this to say “I’ve played some exciting and unique places around the world from Bondi Beach to The Great Wall of China to an igloo, but playing in the House Of Commons might be the most unique to date. I’m a proud supporter of Last Night A DJ Saved My Life and the work that it’s doing with House The House. Music is a huge part of my life and to give something back in this way is amazing”.


An event such as this, where EDM culture is allowed to demonstrate its ability to bring about civic good is truly inspiring. After the events occurring in Melbourne at Above and Beyond’s show at Hilsense arena, positive press on EDM was sorely needed. LNADJ proves that there are EDM lovers are trying to transcend a negative public image and dance for a bigger cause. The titan of dance music can be tapped into for good, Fat Boy Slim and the folks at LNADJ are doing just that in MP style.


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