If you’re anything like me you’ve desperately been waiting for  February 19th, because that’s the day Metropolis PT II drops and The M Machine leaves us all in euphoria-land. Now if you’re still anything like me, you really want to see some sort of preview right, and despite that there has been some previews, they all seem pretty scattered. Hectic right? Well no more worries! You can hear all of the ‘previewed’ tracks down below! Four out of a expected six!


1. The Palace featuring Blake Hazard!




3. Tiny Anthem (not yet previewed!)


4 & 5 (Moon Song and Schadenfreude) can be heard HERE!

(They marked it private so that it wouldn’t be shared but you guys can still listen to it ;D )

6. Luna (still not previewed!)

Hope you guys enjoyed and stayed stoked for this release just as much as I am! – Danny