There comes a time when a certain type of music is expected of an artist. Think of Deadmau5 and Skism. Two completely diverse artists yet when you hear their name you immediately know their “sound”. Clockwork is no exception. From his timeless “Squad Up” to his “Titan” and “BBBS” tracks are known world wide and they never hesitate to get the crowd jumping, head-banging, and of course, get the ladies dancing. His signature Big Room sound is incredibly unique and has left quite the imprint on the DIM MAK Record label.

So when he teased the new SURGE EP, I shivered with excitement; Not because I knew his signature sound, or that I was so eager for two more tracks to be added to my running playlists, no, I was shivering with excitement because I was uncommonly intrigued as to how far Clockwork has come as an artist. Needless to say I was unbelievably impressed.


Despite finally working with a vocalist (Wynter Gordon) on Surge, it, by no means, dampened his sound or made it any less “Clockwork”. It was just plain better. It’s everything I expect from a track featuring a vocalists and plus some. Take note Big Room Producers/Banger Producers, this is how you excel your musical career.

Tremor. What a fitting name for such a earth-shattering track. By far Clockwork’s best work yet. No shame in having it on repeat all week, I know I will.

I seriously recommend buying this EP either on Beatport or iTunes!