In a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, deadmau5 shed any trace he had left of a filter and went off on a whole bunch of tangents putting everyone from Kanye West to Avicii‘s management on blast. Deadmau5 is no stranger to controversial interviews, but this particular article is surly even for his standards. When asked about any rappers he would be interested in working with, he responds “Anyone other than fucking Kanye. I hate him,” and when questioned about his new stage setup being ready in time for Ultra Music Festival he says, “I’m tired of talking about Ultra, even if I had something good to say—Ultra is the same thing every fucking year.” He also goes on to criticize Avicii, claiming “I, dead-fucking-mau5, cannot name another Avicii track [besides Levels.] I shit you not. I can’t.”

The whole thing seems like an attempt to remain in the spotlight as recently there have been more and more DJs and producers encroaching on his share. Just a few short years ago deadmau5 was the official DJ for MTV’s VMA awards – just about the most commercial gig you can get. Now he’s blasting EDM, “I just renamed it. I called it ‘Event Driven Marketing,'” and turning his back on the community that got him where he is today. Not just that, it also raises questions about his commitment to and interest in his headlining roles such as Ultra. If he feels there is nothing good to say about the festival why would he then accept a headlining spot? That honor should be reserved for someone passionate about performing for his or her fans.

Read the full article here, and let us know what you think.

-DD @fingerscrossedd