Tomorrowland surged to international popularity after their 2011 After Movie which currently sits at 60 million views on YouTube. After 2 million hopeful concert goers logged on last year, not only did the ticketing site have difficulty dealing with such a load but all the tickets sold out in 9 minutes. Now cue in February 16th, millions of people attempting to log in and buy their own 3 day slice of Tomorrowland. Well this year the event sold out in exactly 1 SECOND. That’s right, 1 second. Now fret not as some sources are stating that Tomorrowland will be making a monumental announcement on February 18th and something tells us it has to do with their desire to take the festival around the globe.

BREAKING: Tomorrowland to Expand Across the Globe, Introduces TomorrowWorld

UPDATE (02/16): We are now receiving diverging accounts from our readers who were able to purchase their tickets after the 1 second mark. We will update this post as we receive more information on the matter.

UPDATE #2 (02/16): It’s official! We received multiple confirmations from Tomorrowland that the tickets did sell out in 1 second! While we understand that some of you got them minutes if not hours later, it simply means you were put in a queue which indeed took hours to empty. What 1 second means, is that in that very first second, as many people clicked the buy button as there were tickets available.