Over the past 8 months Sonos Studio in L.A. has been collaborating with artists from all genres of music to create one of the most groundbreaking music culture environments in the world. Whether hosting intimate performances from elite artists such as deadmau5 or the likes of Janelle Monáe, Deep Cotton, Roman GianArthur and other special guests, the Sonos Studio is clearly cultivating a truly unique venue catering to musicians and music lovers alike. Just over a week ago, the Sonos Studios continued to expand their resumé of events with their first ever hands-on producer workshop surrounding the production of electronic dance music. At the event, guest speakers deadmau5 and Tommy Trash spoke to a crowd of aspiring electronic producers and musicians explaining the ins and outs of their trade. The seminar sought to serve as a platform to help ambitious musicians better understand these elite artists’ personal procedure conceptualizing an idea or a melody and transforming it into a completed record with the help of professional software, synthesizers and instruments.

The Sonos Studio is an inventive environment which clearly aims to continually foster and celebrate the art of music and the numerous manners in which it can be created. The studio plans to continue these hands on workshops to continue to provide aspiring artists unparalleled knowledge from the industry’s finest producers.