Dillon Francis’ has just kicked off his much anticipated Wurld Turr in the US and Canada. Yes I realize it is not the entire world, but his show will be bangin’! Your EDM  will be attending his Dallas show on March 15th with a concert review and many photos to follow, so come out and show your support!

To keep you rabid fans from gnawing your own legs off from anticipation, the King of Moombahton has released another goofy video on his Youtube channel. Purchased by Zedd and Rukes on the Dillon Francis merch page, a recreation was made of the scene from a Patrick Swayze classic, Ghost Making Pottery. The details from this $1,000 purchase needed 12t Planet  to be lovingly coddled by Dillon himself. Enjoy this hilarious video!

Want to see if Dillon Francis is coming to your town? Here are the dates. See y’all there!