So you want to go to Ultra Music Festival, but tickets are sold out? Well our friends at Heineken want to send you there.

The Heineken Ultra Remix App features multiple music channels to mix with a unique selection of audio files including: a lead, bass, vocal, and beat. The first available remix you’ll notice on the app is from WhiteNoize, who used the same tools in their remix that are available to all contestants. Remixes must be submitted by February 22nd in order to be eligible for the contest. WhiteNoize, along with a Heineken panel, will choose the top 10 finalists who will advance to a public voting round that takes place March 1-8th. After the public casts their votes, the winner will be determined.

And what does one win, you ask? An exclusive VIP experience at Ultra Music Festival for two, and a chance to meet with WhiteNoize at the festival.

Your EDM was lucky enough to speak with Heineken and WhiteNoize about Ultra and the contest. Take a look at what they had to say.


Your EDM: What was Heineken’s inspiration behind developing the app?

Heineken: We know technology is a key component in our consumer’s life and that music is a passion point, so we wanted to create a mobile application that taps into that passion and also builds excitement leading up to Ultra. This app also gives consumers who are fans of EDM music that are not attending a way to be a part of it all.

Your EDM: What can we expect for Heineken’s participation in future EDM events?

Heineken: This is our sixth year sponsoring Ultra Music Festival. We know music is a passion point for our consumers and are always looking at events and ways we can bring them cool and unique experiences that tie to this passion, whether it’s a unique app for testing out mixing skills, a VIP experience at Ultra or the Heineken Domes at Coachella.

Your EDM: Explain what the contestants can expect from the app/prizes?

Heineken: Participants with the winning mixed beat will win a VIP trip to the music festival for two and the opportunity to meet DJ WhiteNoize. The top 10 contest finalists will also be featured on Heineken’s Facebook page for the community to vote on a winner.

Your EDM: How did Heineken hook up with DJ WhiteNoize?

Heineken: We started working with DJ WhiteNoize several years ago and have done multiple events together from Coachella and Outside Lands to Ultra Music Festival.

Your EDM: The Netherlands are home to Heineken and countless world class DJs. Who is Heineken’s favorite Dutch DJ?

Heineken: Impossible choice! We don’t have a favorite, but are excited to see all of the Dutch DJs and Heineken come together for two incredible weekends at the festival.

Your EDM: Anything else contestants/fans should know?

Heineken: Submit your remix before February 22nd for a chance to win a VIP trip, and remember to return to Heineken’s Facebook page ( the first week of March to see if you made it into the top 10 and to vote on your favorite remix. Good luck!

And now that you know what Heineken had to say, let’s see what WhiteNoize thinks.

Your EDM: No doubt social media has played a huge impact in spreading music around the world. Do you think apps such as this are the next step for young producers?

WhiteNoize: Social media has definitely made a large impact on spreading music. We remember how hard it used to be to get a promo cd in someone’s hand…now you can do it in seconds!  Apps are the most convenient way to reach people. As technology improves you will be able to have a full digital mobile studio in your pocket.

Your EDM: How did you get hooked up with Heineken? Does this go all the way back when you played at the Heineken dome at Coachella, or just respecting the Dutch house?

WhiteNoize: We got hooked up with Heineken several years ago through the love of electronic music and have done multiple events with them at Coachella, Outside Lands and Ultra Music Festival over the past few years. Heineken is a huge supporter of electronic music around the world and it’s definitely exciting to be involved in this ground breaking project.  

Your EDM: What stage will you guys be performing at this year at Ultra?

WhiteNoize: We will be playing on the Amphitheater Stage on Sunday March 17th. Booka Shade, Major Lazer, Azealia Banks, Snoop Dogg and others will be playing on the same stage that day, so needless to say the green room will be interesting.

Your EDM: Describe the app in your words for some people that may be novice to the idea of mixing.

WhiteNoize: The Heineken Ultra Remix app is really simple to use and perfect for both the beginning mixing artist and pros alike. You simply drag and drop loops of the music into the app and all of the music syncs up to create your personalized song. You can cut the loops and set fades to create your own style of mix.

Your EDM: So you, along with a Heineken panel, will be judging the contestants. What will you be looking for in a winner?

WhiteNoize: Bribes.. just kidding 🙂 Something that creates a story and really utilizes the effects.

Your EDM: Any tips for contestants?

WhiteNoize: Using the arrows on the loop track you can shorten or lengthen the loop to customize it and pull a specific sound out of the original loop.

Your EDM: What can your fans expect from you in 2013?

WhiteNoize: We are very excited about 2013. We are currently doing a lot of work with Ultra Music and we have some exciting collaborations with artists we look up to. We have also had the pleasure of doing some remixes for some really well known pop stars. We can’t name names just yet but be on the lookout :). We constantly are putting up new music online, so check out for previews and new releases.

Your EDM: Heineken or Heineken Light?

WhiteNoize: That’s like asking us to choose between our mom and dad! We love both and definitely enjoy kicking back in the studio or after a show with a Heineken!


We really appreciate both Heineken and WhiteNoize giving us the opportunity to share a little bit more about the contest. You can get the app here. Now that you know the ins-and-outs, get mixing and get to Ultra! Good luck!