It’s an all to familiar story now when we find out an artist facing legal trouble regarding sample use. The latest artist to face such a trouble is Baauer, who may be taken to court by Hector “El Father” Delgado – the man behind the “con los terroristas” sample Baauer used in Harlem Shake. There is a bit of uncertainty surrounding the whole situation, however. Firstly, in his recent Reddit AMA when Baauer was questioned about the sample, he responded that he had just “found it on the innerweb” and was not entirely sure of the sample’s origins. However according to The Fader, in a (now deleted) blog post Philadelphia-based DJ Apt One claimed the sample originated from a 2010 moombahton remix and was made available publicly by T&A Records in 2011 as part of  the T&A Breaks 3: Moombahton Loops & Samples package. Hector “El Father” is claiming that the sample, taken from his song Los Terroristas (Remix), was never cleared for use. Hector, a former reggaeton artist, has been retired from reggaeton for around five years and now works as a preacher. We will update you with any further information we find regarding the situation, and a shoutout to Do Androids Dance reader “CDD” for the scoop.

Hector El Father – Los Terroristas (Remix)

DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto – Con Alegria (DJ Apt One Moombahton Remix)

Update 3/11/13: