On this special session of Unsung Heroes, we take a look at the delightfully charming remix of Suspect 44‘s funky Trance track, Thoughts Uncovered. First featured on Enhanced Recordings ‘Amsterdam Enhanced Music Mixed Compilation’ back in August, it has prominently become one of the tracks that really shines amongst the rest. But what really brought the full potential of this great track was seldom-seen Progressive Trance producer Terry Da Libra. Situated in Greece, Terry has not been known to be constantly producing tracks left and right. However, each remix that Terry scores has been solid, showcasing his dedication towards his fantastic orchestration and his incredulous attention to detail. And this particular remix is no different. While many of his tracks signify that he is a great Progressive producer, his remix to Thoughts Uncovered shows a more adventurous side to him, as he brings the Original to a genre-bending, euphoric sense of consciousness.



Terry pulls the energy to a confident start, with a low, rumbly, V8 engine-like bassline to chug things along. He contrasts this with some playful bleeps, subtle vocal timbres and airy synths to caulk out the empty spaces. Every sound and vibe in the beginning is very clean, yet it has an adventurous side of things. Miraculously, Terry Da Libra managed to cleanly traverse this tricky tightrope of balancing between the two. Pulling in sweeping white noise and fantastic inflections of true Progressive styles into the mix, he transitions into a beautiful breakdown featuring caressing strings and vibrant chord progressions. A calming piano line comes in as the main, emotional synths cascade over the listener, with incredulous non-chord tones. It drops into a highly complex chordal progression featuring maximal energy and lively movement, while still maintaining it’s incredible sense of organization. At the forefront is that beautiful Progressive piano, mixed in with luscious Progressive Trance chords and unusual, but essential soft Electro basslines that ties everything together. Imagination runs wild in Terry Da Libra‘s remix, as the playful, eager chords play off each other and create an artistic landscape of awe and wonder.

Even though it got support from Above & Beyond, Ronski Speed and Max Graham, nowhere was it played live in a setting where the piece could truly flourish and reach its maximum potential. This piece has that spark, that certain kind of magic that rarely exists in tracks today and has a fledgling energy that is waiting to burst out like a budding rose. Terry Da Libra has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with and has the courage and integrity in order to valiently walk down the path of discovery and creativity with his courageous blending of three different genres and styles at once. While we cannot forget the brilliant Original idea of Suspect 44, we have Terry becoming one of those special producers that is in tune with fully descibing their emotional states into the music he creates. We here at Your EDM admire inovators and we would wish that he would release more spell-binding tracks upon the world. Terry Da Libra‘s remix of Suspect 44‘s Thoughts Uncovered is now available on Enhanced Progressive on Beatport, so head on over and snag a copy today!

Keep the music alive, Trance fans. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/thoughts-uncovered-terry-da-libra-remix/3714690





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