While we’re on the topic of festival rankings, let’s take a look at inthemix’s recent list of 25 festivals that they recommend attending before that unfateful hour. While not your habitual Ultra, EDC & Tomorrowland inundated list, this ranking focuses on the more unique and exotic festivals that cover the globe. From the incredible Sunburn to the Transahara in Morocco, this list will take you on an incredible journey.

CREDIT: inthemix

25. Transahara

WHEN: Five days in early April
WHERE: Sahara Desert, Morocco
WEBSITE: nomadstribe.com

24. Life Festival

WHEN: 24-26 May 2013
WHERE: Belvedere House, County Westmeath, Ireland
WEBSITE: life-festival.com

23. Welcome To The Future

WHEN: 27 July 2013
WHERE: Het Twiske, nearby Amsterdam
WEBSITE: welcometothefuture.nl

22. Zoukout

WHEN: Two days in early December
WHERE: Siloso Beach, Singapore
WEBSITE: zoukout.com

21. Ten Days Off

WHEN: TBA, usually July
WHERE: Vooruit Arts Centre, Ghent, Belgium
WEBSITE: 10daysoff.be

20. Electronic Family Festival

WHEN: 20 July 2013
WHERE: Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam
WEBSITE: electronicfamily.nl

19. Snowbombing

WHEN: April 1-6 2013
WHERE: Mayrhofen, Austria
WEBSITE: snowbombing.com

18. Movement Electronic Music Festival

WHEN: 25-27 May 2013
WHERE: Hart Plaza, Detroit (then the after-parties!)
WEBSITE: movement.us

17. Berlin Festival

WHEN: 6 & 7 September 2013
WHERE: Tempelhof Airport, Berlin
WEBSITE: berlinfestival.de

16. Calvi On The Rocks

WHEN: Five days in early July
WHERE: Calvi, France
WEBSITE: calviontherocks.com

15. Labyrinth

WHEN: September 2013
WHERE: Naeba Greenland, Niigata, Japan

14. Sun and Bass

WHEN: 7-14 September 2013
WHERE: San Teodoro, Italy
WEBSITE: sunandbass.com

13. Sonne Mond Sterne

WHEN: 9-11 August 2013
WHERE: Bleilochtalsperre, Saalburg, Germany
WEBSITE: sonnemondsterne.de

12. Audioriver

WHEN: 26-28 July 2013
WHERE: Beach on the Vistula River, Plock, Poland
WEBSITE: audioriver.pl

11. Decibel Festival

WHEN: 25-29 September
WHERE: Various venues, Seattle
WEBSITE: dbfestival.com

10. Garden Festival & Electric Elephant & Soundwave

WHEN: 3-10/11-15/18-22 July
WHERE: The Garden Tisno, Croatia
WEBSITE: thegardenfestival.eu

9. Melt Festival

WHEN: 19-21 July, 2013
WHERE: Ferropolis, Germany
WEBSITE: meltfestival.de

8. Outlook Festival

WHEN: Five days from the end of August
WHERE: Fort Punta Christo, Croatia
WEBSITE: outlookfestival.com

7. Hard Summer

WHEN: 3-4 August 2013
WHERE: Downtown L.A.
WEBSITE: hardfest.com

6. Monegros Desert Festival

WHEN: Saturday 20 July 2013
WHERE: The desert of Monegros, Aragon, in Spain
WEBSITE: monegrosfestival.com

5. BPM Festival

WHEN: Early January
WHERE: Playa del Carmen, Mexico
WEBSITE: thebpmfestival.com

4. Sunburn

WHEN: Three days at the end of December
WHERE: Goa, India
WEBSITE: sunburn.in

3. Balaton Sound

WHEN: Four days in early July
WHERE: Lake Balaton, Hungary
WEBSITE: sziget.hu/balatonsound

2. Holy Ship!

WHEN: Early January
WHERE: The Caribbean, departing from Ft. Lauderdale in Miami
WEBSITE: holyship.com

1. Kazantip

WHEN: Five-six weeks in July-August
WHERE: Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine
WEBSITE: kazantip-republic.com