New York-based DJ/producer AzR is looking to follow up on his previous release Drive with an all-new EP.  The up-and-coming music maker shows off his versatile technique in his latest release, the “Sentry EP” off of Don’t Look Productions.  AzR brings us two original productions on the release.  The first, Poseidon, shows off AzR’s melodically-focused style with an ornate progression that gets built up throughout the arrangement.  He uses some impressive synth work, including synthesized horns and some hard-edged leads, to give the production added energy.  The second half of the track especially shines as AzR brings all elements of the composition to the fold, resulting in an absolutely pulse-pounding progression.

AzR – Poseidon (Original Mix)



Track two, Sentry, is a slight departure for AzR as he takes on a more electro-influenced track.  The track features a glitched-out progression with a pitch-bended bassline and some atmospheric lead work.  Later on, the track begins to tie some progressive elements in with the groove.  The result is a refreshing, melodic take on electro house.  Also included on the EP is a dubstep remix of Sentry from Bulgarian producer Escadia, who provides a different interpretation of the track.

AzR – Sentry (Original Mix)



AzR – Sentry (Escadia Dubstep Remix)


In an interesting move, AzR will be donating his entire share of the proceeds to the Wolf Conservation Center (link).  He describes why he chose to donate to such a unique organization:

“I chose the Wolf Conservation Center because I’ve always loved animals and have a particular fascination with wolves. They’re often overlooked and forgotten, so I wanted to get the EDM community together and show our support. I believe EDM lovers are a passionate, caring and influential bunch of people, and given the opportunity they’ll make a positive impact on the world. Adopting a wolf is a baby step in the right direction.”

AzR impresses again with a solid release.  Pick up your copy of the Sentry EP today, and help out the animal kingdom in the process.




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