With the influx of releases constantly being pushed onto us within the spheres of Progressive House, Electro and Trance, it is often easy to forget that there are entire universes of other genres of EDM that co-exist within the broader spectrum of dance music. And this is definitely the case with Progressive House. No, not the Big Room, anthematic music that borrowed the name, but rather, the original Progressive House. The kind that is championed by the classic EDX and other artists such as Mossy and Mango. With its soothing melodies and silky smooth textures, there hasn’t been nearly as much love as the genre rightfully deserves. And the great thing about this genre is that there are many highly talented, but mostly hidden producers who create fantastic music. Take Gregory Esayan for example. Born and raised in Russia, there is almost no information that can be found out about the man. However, he doesn’t need it, as his music speaks volumes about who he is and why he produces music. Today is the release of his brilliant single, People Of The World and it is an amazingly stunning track filled with feel good vibes that you can’t help but fall in love with.



Gregory begins People Of The World with a cool confident bassline with crisp percussion, warm synths and prevailing Progressive lines. There is a certain texture of silk and fluffiness prevelant throughout the piece, almost as though there was soft frosting delicately smoothed over a moist cake. More layers are added with melodious singers and gorgeous guitar flitting in and around the scene (along with stacking more and more delicious Progressive synths to build the character of the piece). The breakdown pushes the energy to a low ebb as a lone singer stretches her creative intellect with bell like synths and flowing, water-like synths. The main synth comes back as many of the instruments start piecing themselves together like a large musical puzzle. As the bass kick pumps in, the music reaches an emotional point to which hairs are raised and goosebumps appear. The main melody comes back with an array of different sounds, textures and emotions to treat all of the senses in a wild ride of musical bliss and serenity.

Too often, we forget that EDM has so much more potential in an artistic and creative aspect than many people give credit too. While there are certainly certain camps that would disagree with me, EDM is essentially a broad over-encompassing genre, and with all genres, there are people who try to push it to its creative limit and push the seams of what EDM really is. Gregory Esayan fantastically accomplishes this in his works and especially with People Of The World with his fantastic orchestration, pacing and overall sense of balance and mood. With beautiful music such as this, we can only hope that the emotional and musical side of EDM can catch hold onto dancefloors and create memories that none of us could forget. The beautiful People Of The World track by Gregory Esayan has been released by the always solid Nueva Digital as part of their popular 3 track bundle series and is now out on Beatport. Get on over to Beatport and grab a copy today.

Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/people-of-the-new-world-original-mix/4155858