Here’s a nice discovery that was made by a user over at The Daft Club, a Daft Punk fansite. The user has posted a roughly 25 minute mix that is said to be from Thomas Bangalter when he performed at WMC all the way back in the year 2000. Now with anything Daft Punk related it’s authenticity is in question, but a number of users on the site have chimed in saying that the set is similar to one he would have played around that time. We’ll let you decide, regardless it’s still worth a listen. He even slips some Michael Jackson into the mix.

1. Phunky Data- Hard Night
2. Pete Heller- Big Love
3. Trankilou- Champange
4. Mike Delegado- Byrds Mans Revenge
5. K-Dope- Five Oh Fantasy
6. Moody Man- You Can Dance if you want to
7. Parris Mitchell- Ghetto Shoutout!!
8. New Order- Blue Monday
9. Michael Jackson- Off The Wall
10. Alan Braxe- Vertigo (Virgo Mix)

-DD @fingerscrossedd