Style of Eye and Tom Staar join forces for an absolutely monumental collaboration off of Wall Recordings.   Style of Eye is coming off a huge remix he did for Zedd’s signature tune “Clarity,” while Tom Staar had his monster release “Kingdom” off of Mixmash Records back in January.  These two noteworthy talents combine their powers in “After Dark,” a scintillating track that combines the very best progressive and electro influences into one incredible package.

The track begins with a simple opening with light synth chords and rhythmic percussion.  Snare hits drive up the energy, leading us into the first break.  Here the vocals shine, as Style of Eye and Tom Staar use some atmospheric synth work and melodic leads to create a beautiful soundscape.  This leads quickly into the first drop, which is full of dynamic melodies and explosive energy.  The feel here is big-room progressive, however the two talented artists switch it up, giving the second half of the verse an electro feel.  This leads into the final breakdown, where the synth work and leads shine once again, and all the elements of the track come together for one massive build-up–and one last, frenzied drop.

After Dark has all the makings of a club anthem fit for the season.  Style of Eye and Tom Staar have truly crafted some magic with this one, proving that two heads might just be better than one.  Pick up your copy today.


Style of Eye & Tom Staar – After Dark (Club Mix)





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