The ever-funky Kill Paris is at it again with his latest EP, To A New Earth being released through OWSLA. With all of his recent touring, I was worried if his hectic schedule would make his music flounder. Carrying on with his unique style, this EP certainly delivers the goods! Take a listen and see why Kill Paris is the artist to look out for this year.

Slap Me’s bass is by far my favorite part about the song; the title is quite fitting due to the amazing implementation of some slap bass parts. His music is a welcome change from the typical dance music flare and Kill Paris certainly kills it on this banger of a track.

To A New Earth takes the listener to new heights with its infectious guitar rifts and a classy bass line. Effects abound are used to great effect and it really shows how far this artist has truly come along on his journey. This song will be an instant hit and the album artwork really immerses you into this amazing new world Kill Paris has created.

Catch You is my kind of tune. This track screams baby making music with its full bass and flute-inspired melody. Out of all of the songs, this one has to be my favorite just because of how catchy it is. I was actually singing this song out loud at work today and I must have looked foolish, but I was having an amazing time!

Along with the three tracks on this EP, there is a cornucopia of remixes from various artists for you to enjoy. If you are not signed up with OWSLA’s The Nest membership service, do it now! You get all of the latest releases and previews from all of the label’s artists, discounted merchandise, and cheaper concert tickets. Keep up the great work, Kill Paris!