The famous trance superstar, Armin Van Buuren, has recently previewed This Is What It Feels Like, one of many tracks to be included in his upcoming album Intense. During the premier on Pete Tong’s Essential Mix, Armin Van Buuren gave us a bit more information about the tracks he will include in the long awaited release. Among the expected genres of Trance and Progressive House came the unexpected addition of Dubstep. In a recent interview with Radio One, Armin Van Buuren stated:

“The main sound is a combination of more house-y electro stuff, and of course trance. Some rock influence, even a little bit of dubstep and classical music in there”.

We are quite interested to see how this album pans out, and whether Armin will attempt to incorporate a thematic play between the tracks or if each song will be unique and detached from the others. Only time will tell, but until then, enjoy this preview of This Is What It Feels Like.