Among all the artists and DJ’s filing up the EDM world, none compare to Deadmau5. He is a pioneer of an unparalleled sound that has directly influenced countless artists getting discovered today. His ability to blend anything from Cypress Hill to My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way with dance music is simply astounding. Now, he’s released his remix EP, Telemiscommunications, the finale of <album title goes here>,  featuring the stirring vocals and superb co-production of Imogen Heap that’s full of surprises.

Crookers kicks off the package with a brooding remix centering around the apologetic “Yeah, Sorry” portion . It’s not as interesting as his previous work like “Bowser” or “A Go Go“, but is nevertheless a interesting take on the original. Kolsch offers a fantastic remix that will put you in a trance with its beautiful ambiance and glitch-ed vocal arrangement. The hard work shows and places this as the strongest remix on the EP. Copy Paste Soul also provides a groovy deep house take on Telemiscommunications, removing the dark vibes and giving it a lighter, pleasing sound. John Roman wraps it up with his signature techno production as it brings you along for an enjoyable ride with a driving beat and pulsing bass to keep you entertained for the full six minutes.

Overall, Telemiscommunications proved to be a decent EP, not as special as I anticipated, but compiled with the musical taste of Deadmau5. More importantly, he just released an official music video to “Telemiscommunications” which features an excellent display of art, from stick figures to animation. You’re eyes won’t want to leave the screen, so be sure to check out the video below and grab the EP on Beatport!