photo by djoystick

DNA Lounge in San Francisco was the place to be last Thursday night, and Figure’s Adventures in Time and Space tour lived up to and surpassed my every expectation. Sound Remedy was in the mix when I arrived a bit after 10 PM and already getting the crowd riled up to a selection of whomping trap and bass heavy tunes. He played a solid set and definitely got the growing crowd nice and loose for the next act, Candyland.

Candyland have come a long time since I last saw them live about a year ago at the Yost Theater in Orange County. Although only one member, Josie, was present, she proceeded to throw it down with an impressive mix of tracks – many of which were unreleased Candyland originals. She worked the crowd in multiple directions, freely moving between electro, dubstep, and trap without so much as a kink in the sound. After around an hour the crowd was going crazy and was ready to get wild with Figure.

After having multiple people tell me Figure’s DJ sets are as insane as his productions, I was excited to see what he would bring to the table. His set was perfect for the somewhat grungy vibe of DNA Lounge, and fully was an Adventure of Time and Space. His mix spanned the ranges of bass music, touching on everything from to moombahton to drum & bass to trap and of course, lots of dubstep and drumstep. No matter what genre he was spinning two things were for sure, it was heavy and the crowd was under his spell. Every transition was spotless regardless of whether he kept things at the same bpm or not. Us in the crowd were thoroughly worked for the entirety of his 1.5 hour set and I could not have been more impressed with the direction he took his set.

If you haven’t seen Figure yet, he’s got a number of upcoming tour dates. Be sure to catch his show if he’s coming to a venue near you!

3/20 – New Haven, CT

3/21 Miami, FL

3/22 Charlotte, NC

3/28 Urbana, IL

3/29 Tulsa, OK

More dates

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