Long after being teased at a new location for the expansion of TomorrowLand, TomorrowWorld has officially announced Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, USA as the first location. Despite this being a worlds first, TomorrowLand fans in the US will now get one more festival added to the wonderful amount that is already taking place this year. You can pre-register here and USA Exclusive ticket sales will go on April, 27th at 11am EST. While that may seem like a long ways from now, no need to worry, we here at Your EDM will be sure to remind you, so that you can start planning your own wonderful adventure in TomorrowWorld! 

Check out the reveal  video down below and get excited! We (we being the US) just received one of the biggest and most exciting Electronic Music Festivals in the world right in our back yard!



Official Website!

Line-up beginning in April!

Pre-registration link!