Diplo, the man who has been making girls “express themselves” via Twitter, Instagram and pretty much every social media site out there is back once again with his Express Yourself Remix EP which just might pack enough heat to uncover the next “Crunkbear” hiding in the shadows. The EP consisting of seven unique remixes hosts a variety re-works of Diplo‘s massive tracks Express Yourself, Set It Off and Butters Theme.

By far one of the most notable releases on the EP is Gent & Jawns’ highly anticipated trapped-out remix of Express Yourself. Twisting the infamous original sample over bombarding horns, sirens and throbbing bass, Gent & Jawns’ remix simply goes off. Express Yourself  also gets the remix treatment from DJ Mustard. Taking a much more minimalistic approach, DJ Mustard equips a rhythmic pulsing beat with all those trap samples we’ve grown to know and love to create a track that really stands out from the rest of the release.

The EP also features several incredible remixes of Diplo‘s track Set It Off, one of which being from Your EDM favorite, Sleepy Tom. A little over a week ago, we posted the latest free original by the drowsy Vancouver native with the explicit warning to keep your eyes on this rising star and here he is again emphatically displaying his tremendous creative vision and talent. Sleepy Tom continues to blend his progressive trap influences with hard hitting bass to create a remix that is almost impossible to classify yet even more difficult to take off repeat. Other notable remixes include TheFatRat‘s crunchy electro-house remix of the original, CRNKN‘s full-fledged sensual trap remix and Expendable Youth & Krusha‘s tempo-pushing arrangement which takes the energy of the original to the next level. Last but certainly not least, the EP rounds out with Bot‘s rather experimental remix of Butters Theme. Intertwining a myriad of cacophonous sounds, Bot creates a remix that truly stands apart from the original.

Chock full of quality remixes and diverse soundscapes, Diplo‘s Express Yourself Remix EP emphasizes Mad Decent‘s unparalleled ability to continually push the envelop while simultaneously promoting artists who have repetitiously demonstrated that they are on the cusp of greatness. Stream and purchase the entire EP below! Enjoy.