Today, the dance music community suffered a big loss as Scott Friedel, better known as Scott Hardkiss passed away. Scott was one third of the Hardkiss Brothers and also went by God Within. The Hardkiss Brothers were dance music royalty in the 90’s playing acid, trance and breakbeat under the night skies. Scott and the Hardkiss Brothers revolutionized dance music in America, organizing raves across the USA and got the West Coast sound off the ground. He also helped establish Hardkiss Music, a label that released some of the most revered underground music to date.

Scott still remains one of the most respected DJ/producers in electronic music, especially underground. He had a deep passion for music and truly cared about what he was doing. In memory of Scott I would encourage you to delve in to the world of underground, check out some of the Hardkiss Music releases and some Scott Hardkiss originals. Rest in peace Scott, you will be dearly missed.

Play it from the heart or don’t play it at all. Show some love & enthusiasm or get out of the way & stop wasting our precious time. Stay up.” -Scott Hardkiss