Last Friday while at Ultra Music Festival I had the chance to talk to one of my favorite DJ duos, Tritonal. They are in the middle of some exciting things; the launch of a new radio show, Tritonia, the release of a new EP, Metamorphic, and some big collaborations! I also asked them about their recent change in sound, from vocal trance to trouse and house. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and I hope you do as well!

YourEDM: So you guys have been changing up your sound a lot recently. You started off as trance DJs now you guys are on to more of a house sound. What brought this change about and are you going to stay on this track?

Dave: I think not necessarily just staying on the track but I think what really brings the sound about is just us being experimental. We’re being artists in the studio. We’re not going to stick to one thing constantly because then we don’t learn and we don’t change.

Chad: And we are playing everywhere now. We are on tour constantly so we are really starting to learn what works on the floor in a really big way. Some of the tracks you hear us playing like a Tommy Trash track or a Dada Life track or something like that, those are big room tracks. W&W’s The Code is one of our favorite tracks right now. We want to make tracks that are big on the floor. That’s where that comes from. Yeah we love to write soft pretty stuff, we always will. On the new EP Bullet That Saved Me is a little more “housy” but Bring Me Home is right there in the core of who we are as people. We are not going to forget about that and that’s what the Tritonians need to know, we haven’t abandoned melody or our love for it whatsoever. We’re just trying to make tracks that we feel are massive on the floor.

YourEDM: Plus, when you guys drop one of those big tracks then go in to a song like Everafter or Can’t Keep It In that’s when the crowd really explodes.

Chad: And if you play that every time, if you play 10 Everafters in a row, 10 really soft lullaby vocals, it’s a really boring-ass set in my opinion.

YourEDM: One thing I always admired you for is all the energy you guys bring to the stage.

Chad: And that’s not there if you play vocal trance the whole time.

YourEDM: How’s Tritonia going?

Dave: It’s amazing. The first episode just released this past week.

Chad: It opens with some voiceovers like “After a long journey, we have landed on Tritonia” and so we have landed, that’s where we are at, we have just landed the first show. We are excited about it!

YourEDM: So Metamorphic, are you guys pumped for that?

Dave: Absolutely! We were just talking about how our sound is changing a little bit and us being creative. Metamorphic is just that, it means change. It includes three tracks which are all different and three other tracks. It’s exciting!

Chad: The third one hasn’t been released but it is still nothing you would expect, it is totally like progressive rock, chillout. The club mix of it we opened with at the festival today and it is big big ole melody. It is a lot of fun, it’s a great intro track.

YourEDM: That is one thing I have liked about the tracks you have been releasing lately; I never know what I am going to get.

Chad: Good! That’s great! We don’t expect our fans to love or like everything we do, that’s good. At the same time you don’t have to hate a person or an artist for that. I mean Coldplay might release a song tomorrow, and I may hate it, and I may never like it but I am always going to love them because they have done so much for me as a person in terms of what they have done as an artist. I applaud that.

YourEDM: Big collaborations? I know you guys just finished one up with BT, right?

Dave: Yeah, we did BT and then we have the one with 7 Skies, which we played tonight. Its huge.

Chad: Huge! It’s called Reset, it was so big, it was awesome. You will hear it live on A State of Trance this week.

YourEDM: Can’t wait! Any big plans for this coming year?

Chad: We have proper management now for the first time in our career. They are really focused on building Tritonal in the North America market. We did a lot of touring last year, Jakarta, Asia, Indonesia, Australia, Europe, Moscow, everywhere! We were dragging our suitcases, it was crazy, but I think that was good, and it went great. We were fortunate enough to do that amount of touring but right now it is all about the US and we are US artists and we want to absolutely explode here before we try to tackle all these other markets. That’s the plan.

– Jacob, @Jacob_YourEDM