Your EDM had the pleasure of interviewing one of my personal favorites, TJR. Residing in southern California, this house superstar is the man behind hits such as Funky Vodka (Original Mix) and the infamous Ode to Oi (Original Mix). In todays industry, more artists are becoming “Cookie Cutter” DJ’s that simply follow the trends in order to reach success. TJR is one of those artists that is a trend setter, not a follower. His funky original style and his charismatic personality creates a one of a kind producer that is exactly what the EDM business needs. Recently announced amongst the all star line up at the Hakkasan Nightclub, TJR is quickly solidifying his spot as one of the elites in the industry. Check out his interview below!


 How was Miami for you this year?

Inspirational as well as very intoxicating!


Who really inspired you over the last few weeks in Miami?

Phra from Crookers, GTA, Congorock.


If you could collaborate with one artist, who would it be and why?

Mr. Oizo, cause during studio breaks we’d shoot birds with BB guns. 


You have played many venues in the States as well as internationally, do you feel anything different from crowds in certain countries? Any favorite country or place to play in?

Every region has their own vibe so it’s nice to experience it. I always wanna come back to an area because I feel each time I play, I will be better! Australia has been a pretty special place to me as of late. I just came back from a very exciting 3 week tour in February!


Before you started DJing and producing your own music, did you have any memorable past jobs outside of the music industry?

Paperboy for 6 years. I tortured my neighborhood. Delivered with a go-cart loud as fuck in the mornings, pissed them all off I’m sure haha.


What was it like to have your first big break in the music industry?

It’s amazing but you quickly get sucked back into reality, always gotta be grindin!


When you are in the progress of producing a new track, where do you tend to start with? Is it a specific beat or just a melody going through your head?

Lately I start with the riff and design the tune around it. 


What VST plug in’s are your favorite at the moment?

My baby Virus TI.


Do you have any tracks in the pipeline?

Whats Up Suckas in a few weeks! Preview at 😉


What do you think of the sound coming out of Melbourne, Australia these days?

It’s hectic, I love it! I expect big things from them this year!



-Nick Ward @NickWard20