In the recent interview with Rolling Stones, the French duo Daft Punk discussed how they created a “custom-built modular synthesizer” made specifically for their highly anticipated album Random Access Memories. While not having been officially revealed, Mixmag has pointed out, that in the third episode of the Collaborators Series, which featured Nile Rodgers, viewers caught a glimpse of a transparent┬ásynthesizer. Built very much alike some of the guitars featured in the famous minute long preview of Get Lucky, this custom built object incased in┬áperspex could very well be the discussed custom synth that was used to create some of the unique sounds that will be featured in the upcoming album. The fact that Daft Punk built an entirely custom synthesizer for their release just further indicates their dedication to make and develop their own sound, with no restrictions. You can watch the SNL ad and the 3rd episode of the Collaborators Series below.

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Source: Mixmag
Daft Punk ft. Nile Rodgers & Pharrell Williams – Get Lucky (SNL Preview)

The Collaborators Series Episode 3: Nile Rodgers