Furiously fighting tooth and nail to get to the top, Trance producer and Tech enthusiast Jonathan Carvajal has been steady gaining notoriety for his unique, hard hitting basslines and bold new directions in sound. Hailing from Columbia, he has been transitioning the unique flavors of South America into his own brand of Tech Trance and has been stellar as of late. We first caught sight of him with his pounding remix to Manuel Rocca‘s single, Bittersweet and has been improving ever since. Even better is his amazing alias of his exciting Psy project of Autocinema, a trait that showcases his desire to reach new sounds that are not necessarily part of his comfort zone. Finishing off a great single with Rawkaholic, Carvajal moves into the deeper side of things with his remix preview of Orion Dawn‘s Always Be There. Full of soul crushing sub-bass and impeccable drive, Carvajal smashes this track out of the park and showcases the incredible improvement he has gained throughout the last couple years.



Always Be There starts with acidic lines weaving throughout the texture as the heavy, white noise laced buildup pushes into a fantastically minimalistic drop. Rather than have the sub-bass assist the melody, it itself becomes the main focus of the listener, as it provides an excellent backdrop for many different sounds and timbres to roam free throughout the piece. As the drop continues, steady sixteenth notes furiously transitions into a manic section filled with acidic bass and feverish percussion. The breakdown features vocal cuts from a female voice (used only for timbre). Then, a beautiful monologue comes forth from a very unusual source: actor Brad Pitt from a Chanel No5 body spray commercial. While the content is unusual, (and was noted as being not so great in the commercial itself), it is placed perfectly throughout the melody, sending shivers down the listeners spine. The build up layers massive levels of potential energy as a cool, confident bassline gives plenty of reason to dance among the pressurized sub-bass that gives off a very distinctive POOMP POOMP kind of sound. A tremendous remix by Jonathan, this is not one to miss. Jonathan Carvajal‘s remix of Orion Dawn‘s Always Be There will be released sometime in the near future on Trancefixion Digital, so remember to stay tuned for more information Trance fans!


Keep the music alive. -Q