Earlier this year “Do the Harlem Shake” seemed to be an absolute craze on social media sites such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Reddit, and even newscast and television series, however, soon after, a rainy cloud began to gather.

Baauer, the artist behind ‘Harlem Shake’, had begun to face legal consequences on certain samples in the song from two individual parts. Both ‘con los terroristas’ and ‘Now do the Harlem Shake’ were respectively claimed as being infringed, one even citing that the album containing that sample was never even released.

Fast forward to earlier this week, Mad Decent label owner and influential artist Diplo ‘came to the rescue’. Despite Baauer signing what’s known as a indemnity form, which would hold him responsible for any legal consequences with the track, the label came into contact with the two sources and worked out a legal agreement with the two so that the song could continue to be sold; Which, according to Diplo while attending Coachella, ‘saved the label’,


“Honestly, that record was the thing that saved the label, because a year ago we were going to fold because we couldn’t figure out how to make money,”; “Then we just started giving music out for free and it worked out.”


All’s well that ends well; No official word from Baauer, but we’re sure he is elated with the news.


Source: Huffington Post