Earlier this year, the team behind XOYO began a new facet of their imprint known as XOYO Loves. This new endeavor, a collaboration with The Nest, seeks to promote the artists both groups listen to, dance to and most importantly party with through various events and forms of media to showcase the artists they feel are changing the game.

A few days ago, XOYO Loves posted its second episode which featured veteran producer Skream, highlighting his most recent shift from dubstep to disco. In an era where electronic music continues to explode in popularity and certain genres seem to be growing at an incendiary pace, Skream speaks out about his indifference towards events that rely so heavily on just another light show.

Skreamizm is more than just a shift of genres. It encompasses an attitude that celebrates stripping away the fluff of electronic events as we know them and focusing on the music itself in a more organic sense. The episode brings up a lot of key issues that I feel will resonate deeply with any avid electronic music fan so I urge you to watch the short video below and formulate your own opinion on the matter. Enjoy.


Source: Mixmag