Daniel Portman is no stranger to making dance floor destroying tracks. His latest release, a three track EP, is genius to say the least. Every single track on the Mantenido EP makes you want to get up and dance with infectious rhythms, catchy melodies and flawless production. It would be a real shame for this EP to go overlooked.

The first track of the EP is Mantenido, a progressive house track with punchy bass a beat that is impossible to stand still to. Out of nowhere Portman brings in a latin melody which takes the track to a whole new level of dance euphoria.

The second track, titled Everybody, is a classic minimal club banger. The steady bouncing bass provides the awesome minimal-style pulse, add the awesomely repetitive club melody and you have a true.

Swiss Alps is the third and final track on the Mantenido EP. With this track, Portman establishes a solid club beat which leads into the memorable breakdown. The build returning from the breakdown is absolutely amazing, and the drop into the massive beat is even better.

Overall, this is a brilliant EP that is dynamic, innovative and fun to listen to. You can pick up your copy of the Montenido EP on Beatport.