A controversial EP by TAI, Indian Kill, has been pulled by Dim Mak Records due to the fury of complaints the EP generated. As you can tell from the artwork and name, the EP clearly stepped over racial boundaries which offended various different people and resulted in official complaints. Dim Mak released an official statement stating:


“It is not our intent to offend anyone by propagating negative cultural stereotypes,”

“Now that we’ve witnessed the earnest offense that the release of this EP has caused (especially in relation to an issue that is much more significant than a simple dance music single could ever be), we understand that there are some lines that cannot and should not be crossed. To put it simply, this situation forced us to take a long hard look at how we balance creative freedom with cultural sensitivity.”

“We at Dim Mak understand completely that a mistake was made. As such, we, in conjunction with the artist TAI, are pulling the release from all stores, and we, along with TAI, are donating all proceeds from the sale of the release to the Native American Heritage Association.” 


The artist, TAI, has also extended an apology to those offended. TAI officially stated that “I fully apologize for the artwork, title, and sounds included in my recently released Indian Kill EP and take complete responsibility for any offense it may have caused,” he wrote. “I currently have the release being removed from all sites.”

An unfortunate situation for both parties, but at least those at fault recognized it and did their best to fix it. Drop The lime, an official remixer on the EP, made it clear that he wanted no part in the racial offense of the EP:



-Nick Ward @NickWard20