It has been reported by the Wall Street Journal that Insomniac Events and Live Nation are finalizing talks that could shape the future landscape of electronic dance music festivals. In true Pasquale fashion, the owner and founder of Insomniac Events, creator of Electric Daisy Carnival and the Wonderland series to name a few, has taken to twitter to respond to the allegations. In a series of tweets, the CEO denies the rumors that the deal has already been done and focuses on bringing attention to his desire to only benefit “the headliners”, which in his words mean the attendees. One thing to keep in mind is that Pasquale does not deny the existence of a deal, solely that it hasn’t been done yet. Read the tweets below:

I haven’t signed a deal w/anyone. I’ve talked to interested parties but nothing is done. If anything changes headliners will know 1st. ✌

I’d only do a deal if it benefited the headliners. That’s just how it is…

If partnering with someone made Insomniac better I would do it. That’s the only way. I’ll keep you all informed