In these days, it is rare to see artists come from seemingly nowhere, but Argentinian producer, P.E.M. has recently emerged from obscurity and has been exploding onto the scene in full force. His first hit came in the form of his recent single, Another Attempt, which was released on Druck Recordings. His Hardstyle-esque bass kicks and unique combination of sounds was first brought to the attention of Tech Trance producer Mark Sherry, who even played it on his stint during the ASOT 600 Den Bosh night. He now follows through with his next single entitled Mend. Featuring a melodic progression in the Light Mix, his Dark Mix takes things in a much harder direction. P.E.M. might be taking a leaf out of fellow Argentinian Trance producers Heatbeat, as the Dark Mix is full on Electro with elements of Trance mixed in for variety.  Already picked up by Mark Sherry on his Outburst radio show, the Dark Mix features one of the hardest hitting Electro Trance basslines that we here at Your EDM have heard in a long while.



Starting off with the words ‘Drop the beat!’, P.E.M. instantly accelerates into fifth gear by smacking us with an unforgiving bassline that will send listeners reeling afterwards. The low, Electro based synth is low, growly and unforgiving as some fancy sub work gives the line a high capacity of power. Some cool, experimental sounds are heard in almost all of the 4th beats during the drop and it is this notion that gives this track such a unique flavor. The breakdown begins in typical Progressive House fare, with a slight twinge in Trance’s direction. The melody is sweet and full of warm sounding synths, a complete 180 from what we had just heard before. However, That brief interlude into melody is quickly shelved away, as the main progression gets more and more erratic when the build up gains momentum. The second drops is multi-layered, with an incredible amount of sheer raw power propelling the Electro synths into new territories of energy. An absolute must for peak-time events, this is a sure fire track to deliver some tremendous damage on the dancefloor. P.E.M.‘s Dark mix of Mend will be released on Fraction Records on the 13th of May, so make sure you grab this incredible release on Beatport as soon as it becomes available.


Keep the music alive. -Q