As I went to press play on the first track of Intense I was nearly shaking with excitement. The possible implications of this album are huge. After Armin’s hard push for his track This Is What It Feels Like many people became upset and worried that Armin had in fact gone house, and that one of the great electronic music minds had succumbed to the commercial house takeover. Well I can tell you that the musical genius of Armin van Buuren is very much alive. Is Intense a little bit housier than some of his staple albums like Mirage? Yes. But there is still that same passion, that same energy, you can feel Armin’s love for the music emanating from each and every track.

Many people might be upset by the album and at the way some of the tracks sound a little bit more like trouse. But it is unfair for those people to hold Armin back. A producer should be allowed to develop their sound and it is nobody’s business telling producers what music they should make. Although Intense may not be what some people would have liked from Armin it is still the brilliant production we have come to expect, and it should be appreciated nonetheless.

Score: 8.5/10