With the notion of a new Daft Punk single single being released after five years of essential silence, it was only inevitable that Get Lucky would be remixed to excessiveness. Especially since this track has already smashed records on Beatport as of late. Since the core of the piece is purely on the aesthetic of a funky stand alone track rather than a tool to be used for DJ’s, many people have been trying to make a danceable remix for said use in sets. We alone have heard countless edits and bootlegs, and many have fallen flat on their faces. However, we came across one particular bootleg in the form of obscure artist Art Inc. Art Inc. has taken a techy, low key remix to the track, keeping the full integrity of the piece’s vision while giving it a friendly club version used for sets. What he has done in spectacular fashion is to minimally change the track so as to not disrupt the delicate nature of the piece while injecting some serious groove into the piece, a huge attribute that made the Original so popular. Ed note: Only a preview is available below.



Taking a leaf out of the Lunde Bros. playbook, the beginning is a low energy, simplistic bassline that keeps chugging throughout the entire piece. And yet, it is this repeating bassline that becomes the true essence of the piece as its stability and groove grounds the piece into funky territory. Art adds to this techy bassline with water-like drips, cuts of the original rhythmic guitar, and vocal cuts of Nile saying ‘Night‘ and ‘Get Lucky‘, almost as if they are musical stabs to fill in the cracks. The breakdown is segued really nicely into the Original mix of the piece. The ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it‘ mantra is evident, because the piece itself extremely well crafted on its own. However, the buildup utilizes tight percussion and cool effects to outstanding use as a low, robot-like voice the last line of the chorus before sending us back into the tech soundscape that he has surrounded ourselves into. A fantastic rendition of Get Lucky, and one that revives the old groovy and technical music of 2010, it should be a staple for any Daft Punk enthusiast’s library. Additionally, it is also available as a free download, so click on the link below in order to grab your free copy today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Download Link: https://www.facebook.com/artincofficial/app_220150904689418