Exciting news Chicago festival goers! In only four short days, your summer workout series begins. Time to dust off your collection of $5 faux-wayfarers, stock up on food and water using your parents’ Costco card and track down a tent and sleeping bag. Chicago’s inaugural Electric Daisy Carnival kicks off this weekend at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, IL. Here are 5 reasons you should upgrade your Memorial Day weekend plans.

  1. EDC is the festival for EDM veterans. Remember 10 years ago when most, if not all, of your friends confused Kaskade and Cascada? When the only techno song on any party playlist was “Sandstorm”? And now these dance festival rookies are the ones spilling beer in your corneas at festivals and punching you in the face every time the bass drops. Those people should be in the minority at EDC. Or at least that’s the intent. Instead, you’ll be surrounded by your fellow EDM-blood-brethren. The people who forego Memorial Day weekend at Castaways to make the 1 hour trip from Chicago to Joliet are serious about their music. And take it upon themselves to make this weekend the ultimate kickoff to this summer’s dance festival saga.
  2. #Goodvibes galore. EDC serves PLUR for breakfast. Think daisy headbands, friendship bracelets and love-infested group huddles. Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella has sought out to create an atmosphere of #goodvibes, a hashtag commonly found on his Twitter page. The words ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety’ cease to exist the moment you enter the speedway. Meet everyone you can, laugh, cry, hug and dance. With a #goodvibes attitude all weekend long, I promise you’ll depart Joliet on Monday morning with new friends, great stories and incredible memories.
  3. “You are the headliner.” Those of you who already have a notch or two in your EDC belt are already very familiar with this mantra. EDC prides itself on being the festival that is focused on the experience, not the artists (although I’d be lying if I told you the lineup was anything but euphoric). As its name suggests, the EDC experience is famous for its display of carnival rides surrounding the festival’s stages that come at no extra costs to attendees. But the experience doesn’t end there. The Wide Awake Art Car has quickly become one of the biggest attractions at EDC and is a must-see for your 3-day itinerary. This stage will feature the five Chicago Discovery Project winners who were hand selected by Insomniac pros and fans all over the country to perform at EDC this weekend.
  4. Safety first. There is nothing worse than missing the beginning of a set because you were waiting in a 20 minute line to buy a $5 bottle of store brand water. EDC provides free water all weekend and has an army of employees posted all over the festival grounds to make sure you stay hydrated and help with anything else you may need throughout the weekend.
  5. 4:00 AM. As in, the artists play until 4 in the morning. No other Chicago festival can make that claim. Another Chicago first? Official festival campgrounds so you can have a stress-free, commute-free weekend. And so the party doesn’t have to stop until you get kicked out of the speedway come Monday morning. No work this Friday? Make sure you don’t miss the campground pre-party on Thursday night featuring soon-to-be-announced special guest DJs.

So unless you’ve decided to boycott fun this weekend, your next move should be securing tickets here by any means necessary:  http://electricdaisycarnival.com/Chicago/regular-admission.php