In a recent interview with The Guardian, Chuckie gave great advice to those trying to make it in the music industry. Already a prominent figure in the EDM scene, Chuckie gives us insight into the hard work that goes into becoming a successful artist and how it’s not all just partying. Breaking out of the tough competition of other artists is a very hard and rigourous process. Luckily, artists such as Chuckie, Laidback Luke, and many others, are working to improve the process of finding new talent. Make sure to check out what Chuckie had to say below!


“To be successful in this industry, you have to put in a lot of time and a lot of hard work, Some people think that being a DJ is an easy lifestyle, but it is actually very demanding.

For example, I played more than 200 gigs in 2012 and this year will be something similar. If I’m on tour, which it often feels like I am 365 days a year, a typical day is likely to involve cabs to and from airports, cabs to hotels, clubs and very little sleep. This can be exhausting.

Carving out a career in the music industry requires patience and a strong belief in your work. Stick to your own beliefs and ideals instead of doing what you think is popular and expected of you. Stay patient and work towards becoming a more rounded artist, instead of looking to become as big as possible as soon as possible.

Having a strong presence on the music scene is also essential for building contacts – and a strong group on connections is fundamental to your career. I go out and discover all this music and I start to meet other people who are as into it as I am. The deeper I get into the scene, the more people I meet. And you never know which people that you briefly met on the previous Saturday night would end up working with you professionally further down the line.

The whole industry is like a huge web, with everyone interconnected. The more you tour, the more promoters you meet. And the more records you release, the more label managers you meet. The web just keeps on growing year by year.

Everything I do has stemmed from a personal relationship with someone. Often it’s DJs who I’ve played with or have known for years.”


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-Nick Ward @NickWard20