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Random Access Memories had a lot of promise. Daft Punk acted like the album was going to progress electronic dance music but they simply didn’t do it right. They talked about RAM as if it was going to progress electronic music as a whole but, in fact, electronic music is going to move on without them. There are new, young musical geniuses that are taking EDM to a different level, one that Daft Punk did not come close to achieving with RAM.

Look at all the promising young talents that are pushing electronic music beyond people’s wildest expectations. Musical geniuses like Madeon and Porter Robinson are actually progressing EDM with sounds people haven’t heard before. They are the new industry leaders, the new “Daft Punks”.

Look, I am not saying that Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are not brilliant musicians. I am just saying that Random Access Memories is irrelevant in the present electronic music world. Instead of creating an album to push electronic music forward, they just produced something that is a nice little “blast from the past”. It is a relatively enjoyable listen but will soon be left behind by the rapidly developing electronic music world.

The tracks on RAM are mediocre at best and lack the excitement and punch that we have come to expect from the iconic French duo. If the name “Daft Punk” wasn’t on Random Access Memories the album likely wouldn’t have even been looked at. Like I said, it is a nice listen, but overall Random Access Memories is a real disappointment.

It is not that I don’t appreciate Daft Punk’s musical brilliance as I will be one of the first people to agree that at one point in time they were arguably the greatest electronic producers. However times have changed, this is the age of electronic dance music and we should be accepting that, not scrambling to grab the scraps of the disco age and throw them into a mediocre album. This is the golden age of electronic dance music, the age of the bedroom producer, the age of 18 year old superstar DJs, people need to realize and embrace that because it won’t last forever. Lets not move back, lets move forward.