Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 just uploaded a very different preview of his upcoming collaboration with Kill The Noise on his Soundcloud. Simply entitled Kill The Mau5, the preview showcases Deadmau5‘s unconventional, genre defining style and composition, with near symphonic melody and use of a gorgeous string arrangement. KTN‘s signature growls and glitchy basses blend with Joel’s beautiful arrangement to create an awesome ~128BPM breakbeat ambience.

This track has potential to be a game-changer and is unlike much of what we are used to hearing with recent EDM trends. I personally am very excited to see where this track goes and how the collaborative effort between to dissimilar artists will pan out. This is a must not miss piece so be sure to check it out below.

Deadmau5 & Kill The Noise – Kill The Mau5 (Preview)

Deadmau5 & Kill The Noise – Kill The Mau5 (Preview 2)

UPDATE: Deadmau5 just uploaded a third preview of his collaboration with Kill The Noise, appropriately titled Round 3

Deadmau5 & Kill The Noise – Kill The Mau5 Round 3 (Preview 3)