For the past year, Firepower Records kingpin, Datsik, has been curating some of the most talented rising artists in bass music to further represent his flourishing imprint. After the release of his latest EP, Cold Blooded Vol. 1, Datsik has one again assembled the best and brightest from the label to remix his standout track, “Release Me”. Featuring remixes from the likes of Getter, MUST DIE!, Protohype and Barron the roster alone indicates the potential for this release to showcase a variety of styles and takes on Datsik‘s original tune.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Getter‘s raw style of dubstep and although many may find his music to be too heavy and somewhat reminiscent of a garbage disposal trying to swallow a fork, I felt that his remix was the low point of the EP. It seemed to lack the originality and sounded eerily similar to many of his previous releases. Although, I wasn’t a huge fan of Getter‘s remix, I felt the rest of the records on the EP were fantastic. Both Protohype and MUST DIE! once again showcased their ability to juxtapose melody and melodic soundscapes with their signature grit and wobble. I was thoroughly impressed by MUST DIE!‘s remix due to the fact that it almost sounded like an original production and I think his ingenuity and creativity deserve the utmost respect. Last but definitely not least, is Barron‘s high octane drumstep remix of the original. In similar fashion to Protohype, Barron cranks up the energy level of the original giving it just that extra bit of thunderous bass.

After listening to the EP front to back, Datsik‘s Release Me Remix EP is yet another representation of his growing label’s depth and talent. Each and every remix brings a little something different while continually possessing the dark and heavy sound that fans of the label so intently crave. In the future, I would love to see more creativity similar to MUST DIE!’s remix throughout the entire EP but I highly suggest picking up your copy of the EP here to ultimately decide for yourself. Enjoy.