Trance producer MaRLo has always been somewhat of an anomaly within the Trance scene, especially within these days. He has stated that his sound cannot be ‘pigeonholed’ and that his sounds encompasses the characteristics of Trance, Techno, and Tech House. And we would have to be inclined to believe that statement. He has always had a unique approach to producing music, as his releases have spanned from Big Room Tech tunes to pieces that have a massive melodic Trance line. Recently however, his releases have spanned into the sounds of Andrew Rayel and into Trouse territory, always keeping into the 130-132 BPM range. That is why his latest release on ASOT completely came out of left field and blindsided everyone who thought his sound was settling into a certain genre. MaRLo plunges headfirst into 135 BPM and revolutionizes his sound, creating a ‘Tech-Energy’ feel that is extremely volatile to dance floors, (to say the least). By incorporating the aspects of Tech Trance along with his particular knack for inventing the extraordinary, his single, Always Be Around commands a certain dominance towards its sound, combining genres and sound to create an unforgettable track.



MaRLo masterfully begins his remix with a high quality bassline and divine percussion layered over the velvety lyrics of Sarah Swagger. Additional chopping effects are added to the vocal as the entire piece gives a deep, yet very driven sense of musical direction. The breakdown is classic MaRLo, with a simple, yet heartfelt melody over a basic minor key. He takes some risks and incorporates a Dubstep-esque feel underneath the melody and the vocals, creating a nice contrast compared to the beginning. However, it is the drop that truly shines throughout the entire piece. The name of the game is savage power in this part. Implementing a relentless bassline, monstrous bass kicks and a drive that sends the dance floor into 5th gear and beyond, MaRLo creates something that is not only unique, but also a sound that can be classified as ‘electronic brutality’. This is due to the fascinating synth that is in the drop. Incorporating both aspects of Electro and Trance, the rising synth is assisted by a plethora of effects such as filtering and even subtle elements of phasering.

All of these elements combined gives us another track that is breaking the formulaic trend of today’s Trance releases and gives us the thought of the innovation that can be put forth with just a little bit of extra effort and care. MaRLo‘s Tech-Energy remix to his own single Always Be Around is now available to purchase on ASOT on Beatport, so head on over there to snag this fantastic release today. Make sure you also check out the slower Original mix as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q