2013 has shown to be a monumental year in the continuing career of Simon Patterson. With the addition of his new radio show, Open Up, along with his induction into the coveted BBC’s Radio One’s ‘In New DJ’s We Trust’ group, Patterson has been turning away from the conventional and paving his way throughout the vast reaches of innovation and discovery. Ever since his game changing remix to Neelix‘s Leave Me Alone (released in March), Patterson has undergone a transformation of sorts, opting to utilize various Psy Trance elements while still incorporating characteristics of Tech Trance that has given his rise to fame. The result is a sound unlike anything else and the quality of his releases have spiked dramatically. The amount of attention and care that are put into each track are enough to put most Trance producers to shame and there are no signs of him slowing down. Additionally, his experiments into both Psy Trance and Techno have given him an over-worldly view on how he both produces and coordinates his DJ sets. With careful instruction from artists such as Astrix, Simon Patterson has evolved into someone entirely different than we would have ever imagined.

His next release is a brand new remix to his absolute stomper of 2009 with Thump. The Original mix took the Tech Trance scene by storm as it was utilized extensively in many sets around the world. Noted for its iconic hook, sublime bassline and a sense of randomization of different timbres, it was unique during its time and is still an essential part of Tech Trance literature today. Simon has given us a full facelift to welcome Thump again into 2013, but it is unlike anything that has been made up until this point. Clearly, the new remix has taken heavy cues from Psy Trance producers such as Neelix and even Astrix. In this remix, the amount of attention to detail within every beat is staggering to say the least. This piece takes the listener on different stages of its story, from low key groove to peak time drive, to Uplifting, emotional areas to mind blowing Psy Trance. Thump isn’t just your run-of-the-mill track; it is an advanced, sophisticated release that demands multiple listenings in order to appreciate the sheer diversity contained within. This release seems to have everything neatly wrapped in a bow and it quite a visceral musical journey to partake in both at home and on the dance floor.



Thump starts out in a very laid back, relaxed kind of tone, utilizing the steady drone of vocal timbres as a structure for different sounds such as white noise, snare hits, clipped audio, warped synths and more. By utilizing a buildup with highly irregular timbres, (such as fast moving video tape) he implements the familiar hook of the Original before jumping into a highly complex drop filled with all sorts of sounds with an emphasis on the technical side of things. Particularly nice is the upbeat woodblock hits on measure 8, the subtle acidic lines and the beginning of a groovy bassline soon afterwards. Patterson takes the breakdown in a completely new direction, as the Simon of 2010 shines with a beautiful melodic section underneath sweeping strings and commanding percussion. However, it abruptly stops as a menacing, filtered section of 2013 sneaks back in with vocal timbres flitting in and about. As the line increases in speed and offbeat bass kicks are utilized (highly unusual!), an orchestral section brings forth the corresponding drop with a low cut bassline. Here, the different timbres bounce around the soundscape as they are given more of the stage than either the bassline or percussion. A particular favorite spot is measure 10 with the reverbed vocal timbre and the phrase ‘Hypnotic Origin‘.

Simon Patterson‘s remix to his own iconic original, Thump is now available on Reset Records on Beatport, so make sure you pick up this amazingly complex piece today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/thump-simon-patterson-2013-remix/1093140