An absolute legend of the festival circuit, JOOP has been producing and touring the world for the better part of 10 years. And it seems as though he is finally making his return to production with a string of new and unusual releases to be released in the future. He starts out with a complete rehaul to his iconic track, The Future. Originally released in 2007 as the official anthem to Holland’s incredibly popular Trance Energy festival, the Original was an outstanding work that has been an all time favorite Trance staple, (and a career changing track as well). Much of Trance has changed within these past 5 years and with it, a complete change to JOOP‘s sound. Rather than stick with Tech Trance, he is taking a leaf out of Leon Bolier‘s playbook and creating music that can be classified as highly strange, yet incredibly detailed and expertly produced. First spun by Leon Bolier during the ASOT 600 Expedition Tour in Minsk, it was greeted with an astounding response. While there is some controversy between changing a Trance Classic, it more than makes that aspect up for its groundbreaking musical ideas and experimental timbre choices.



Slowing down the tempo and bringing some bold, chunky power into the mix starts out The Future as the first drop is unlike anything created before. As the iconic main hook of the Original is played, a haunting vocal rushes in to steal the stage. Featuring thumping tribal drums, usually reverbed cowbell and a reverbed/chopped vocal timbre, it creates an entirely new sound that pushes the boundaries of musical ideologies. Eventually, the main hook returns with its powerful melody as a thundering Hardstyle-esque kick brings the piece to a commanding forefront. The second drop is one of the most interesting and unusual drops I have ever heard in any piece of music, Trance or otherwise. Focusing on the large bass kick stiff-arming the melody, the resulting sounds are a highly reverbed sample that explodes and subsequently disappears just as quickly. This brings forth a ‘vacuum’ effect, almost as if the sound is played and then rewound back into nothingness. A highly detailed and adventurous rework, it is a fantastic release that should be in many Trance libraries.

JOOP‘s 2013 rework of his single, The Future is out now on High Contrast Recordings on Beatport, so head on over there and snag this visionary release today.


Keep the music alive. -Q