Two powerhouse Aussie Artists, Bass Kleph & Jimi Frew have teamed up to create a sweet little track, Gum, which came out today on Big Fish Recordings. Since my surgery on Monday, I have been avoiding EDM like the plague, choosing rather to spend the last two days in painkiller induced solitude. But, let me say right now, Gum was a hell of a way to put two days of misery behind me and bring me back into the world of the living.

The intro and melody are both respectively solid, but fall short of revolutionary. Still they are nonetheless enjoyable. However, the drop is fresh as could be, making this tune really stand out. It’s full of big textures and tones with a bouncy line that gives it swing and danceability. It feels a a little on the more relaxed side for Electro-House but that could also just be the Vicodin talking. Either way, Gum is a very solid offering from two very solid producers and is well worth a listen. Check it out below!


Bass Kleph & Jimi Frew – Gum (Original Mix) [Big Fish Recordings]

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