Among many of the greats in Uplifting and Tech Trance nowadays, there are always up and comers that are ready to make their mark on the Trance scene. Within those numbers emerges a secret weapon in the form of Trance producer John Newall. The Scottish native has been silently releasing gold within the past year, with his smashing Tech single Dropkick being heavily supported by artists such as Indecent Noise, Aly & Fila and Mark Sherry, (among many others). And now, he has followed up his incredible success with another highly charged track with his single, Trancelate. His shining attribute is the sheer power that he packs within each of his releases, as all of his pieces are full of power and intensity, tailor made for dance floors around the world. His basslines and melodies are reminiscent of a new fresh sound that many recent DJ’s such as Jase Thirlwall and Bowdidge & Taylor command, creating a unique feel that makes it the New Age sound of Tech and Uplifting Trance. Newall does not disappoint, as Trancelate is full of peak time fire and full bodied strength to make a perfect addition for any Trance set.



Newall is known for always providing great content in every single one of his releases, and this is no exception. Starting out with some proper Trance muscle, Trancelate begins with a whopping bass kick that slams to the floor, supplemented with an equally intense bassline. A yummy acid line intercedes with side chained vocal timbres as a gentle melodic arpeggio provides a subtle contrast. The breakdown brings a muted synth line out of the darkness of the vocal sounds as it greatly increases precedence and authority. Sweeping synths take full control with a beautiful sound as the acid lines and the main melody sneak in. The buildup is met with repeated basskicks and malevolent snare hits. The drop is just spectacular, with a full, bodied melody harmoniously connecting with the equally colossal bassline. A sound that rivals the power of even Bryan Kearney, this is a outstanding single that should not be missed. John Newall‘s single, Trancelate, is out now on Monster Digital on Beatport, so head over and purchase this stellar Trance release today.


Keep the music alive. -Q