If there is one thing that rings true in any musical endeavor, it’s that success does not come without hard work. During EDM’s explosion into America, there have been many instances of countless people jumping the bandwagon and producing emotionless music that not only took little to no effort, but also showcased a lackluster appreciation for the music, (which might be a factor in the increasing staleness of EDM at the moment). However, one producer who has been putting in the paces and paying his dues is Californian Progressive Trance artist, Emerge. Coming from humble roots with nothing but aspirations and musical skill, he has been climbing the rungs of Trance to higher skies the last couple of years. Such notable deeds this year include his stellar remix to Timur Shafiev‘s Connecting Parts and becoming the winner in The Discovery Project, allowing him to attend this year’s EDC Chicago festival as an official DJ. Emerge continues on this fast streak with the release of his first vocal track, entitled Never Lose Myself. Featuring the flowing vocals of Nafsica, it is a expertly cool cut that is perfect for any Progressive Trance set.



Because this is his first vocal work, it is only natural that the lovely vocals of Nafsica take full prevalence. However, his incredible sense of organization and careful orchestration creates the perfect backdrop to which the vocals can really shine through. The accompaniment is cheeky to say the least, with a very chunky bassline overlapping melodious arpeggio’s and subtle side-chained synths to fill out the sound. The breakdown features Nafsica in tandem with a beautiful piano as clockwork harmonic lines and expansive chords stretches the atmosphere to another level. Finally, it drops into a luscious section with a beautiful synth melody wonderfully clashing with the vocals and the piano lines. Interestingly enough, a wickedly groovy bassline also is thrown into the woodwork. A highly risky maneuver, it demonstrates versatility and even an edge of rebelliousness that coincides with Emerge‘s production chops. Never Lose Myself is a lovely tune that combines many different elements into one package and is a must have track for any Trance enthusiast. Emerge‘s single, Never Lose Myself, is out now on Unearthed Recordings on Beatport, so get over there and pick up this beautiful track today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/track/never-lose-myself-original-mix/4404281